Need a Butt Lift???….I did

The Brazil Butt Lift (2 weeks complete) Week two of the Brazil Butt Lift is under my belt. Literally. Yep, it’s a good feeling to know that you’re flying high on another workout trip without taking the actual flight. With the Butt Lift I’m in Brazil on the beach looking at the mirror image of what I want my body to resemble. Well actually I’m in my living room but I really appreciate Leandro Carvalho (the creator and instructor of the program) bringing a glimpse of Rio de Janeiro into my home. He has these amazing women with the flattest abs I’ve ever seen and the tightest gluts in the world shown on the beach working out. One minute you’re in the studio and the next minute you’re staring at the beauty of the ocean. What makes it even more amazing and almost comical is his accent. Call me a sucker if you will but I love a man with a sexy accent. You can be dog ugly but talk to me with that accent and all I can hear is your voice.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m a married women but the accent keeps me listening when I have no idea what you’re saying. Remember listening is all I’m doing! Period. Now back to the exercise program….see accents get me off track. Leandro seems to really care if my butt is round or not. What a man. There are four different programs that you can follow. There is one for the flat butt. He will show you how to take it from a sliding board to a merry go round. Then he has a program for the pear shape, too much of a good thing (too much butt) and the classic form. Me, well, I’m a pear. That’s when you have a small waist but hips for days. It promises to slim the hips, thighs and lift the Bum Bum(boom boom in English) He just cracks me up! Anyway, the first week was lots of squats, lounges and cardio. I felt like a Brazilian dancer. Go Vee! Yep, about that, I still need to work on my balance.

My sister and I decided to do the work out together. The first couple of times we were bumping into each other. We had the nerve to have our niece filming us for YouTube. Boy that will be a crazy video. Filming on the first go round. It’s taking her forever to edit. I guess she can’t stop laughing. We were bumping into each other. She kept saying “go the right way Vee.” I just got caught up in the music. It’s weird when you’re standing in front of the TV, their right is my left and vice versa. I was never any good with directions. Going the right way, well, that’s never going to happen. Maybe on week three, but on week one, I don’t think so. Homey don’t play that. Sorry, getting off track again. The dance numbers were off the chain. The music is pumping and then you hear Leandro say “Shake the booty, shake the booty.”

Week two- whew! Too much sculpt for my taste and the ab workout is killer. He says “don’t cheat yourself, do just like I told you so you can get nice round boom boom that you want so much.” With those words said I straighten up and fly right. I want the boom boom that I want so much. Then he says when it gets hard again “make sure you straighten your leg so you can get the body that I promised you.” Me and my sister both start laughing because once you make a promise we depend on you to keep it so we work through the pain. If you are brave enough to try this at home please know that we did a lot of sweating the first week. You might wanna have a wig on stand by unless you’re going to the hairdresser on the regular. The second week we concentrated more on upper body with his 50 minute sculpt routine and lots of floor work for the boom boom. Talk about sore. My butt felt like it was tied up in knots. I worked hard on the treadmill to walk it out.

Today is the official start of week three. We decided over dinner in the midst of week two that we would not stop at four weeks but shoot for 8 weeks. I will report back at the end of four weeks. In the mean time love, peace and shake your booty!

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