Is Biometric testing really so bad?


Biometric testing really so bad?

Wellness is the new buzzword floating around many companies these days. The cost of health insurance is steadily rising with astronomical deductibles which is why my employer has jumped on the health and wellness bandwagon like so many other companies of late.  Wellness is the latest company trend. As it is, every November I get that dreaded letter from Human Resource asking me to schedule my yearly biometric testing. Biometric testing is a short health examination that determines a person’s risk level for certain diseases and medical conditions. Yes, my employer is checking to see if I’m too fat, pre-diabetic, a chain smoker or anything else that would drive up insurance cost.

Obligingly I submit to having my body measurements taken along with blood work all the while supplying endless medical data. Oh, and did I mention having my weight taken, and the worst part…

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The Four Agreements of Working Out

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz was one of my favorite reads of 2013.  It seemed like everyone I know had read the book but me so I decided to dive in myself to see what the buzz was about. I read it and loved it! Based on traditional Toltec beliefs, the author, who is a shamanic teacher and healer, believes that we will become filled with unconditional love, grace and peace if we apply the agreements to our lives.

Being the fitness minded person that I am I naturally wondered how I could apply this to my workouts.  I decided to take the same principals and apply them to my personal journey. The following outlines my thought process.

1.    Be impeccable with your word: If you say that you’re going to make a change to your health and fitness then make it. If you say that you’re going to start working out then do it. Show up for yourself. Start using words to encourage yourself and create the healthy lifestyle and body that you desire.

2.    Don’t take anything personally– sometimes things won’t go the way that you want them to go. Your knee might act a fool, or you might get tired really quick. Don’t take it personally; go slow until you work your way up. Your body is not against you. It’s just that you might be doing something different and it has to get accustomed. When in the gym you might feel that people are staring at you and sometimes they are, but not always for the reasons that you think. People often access their progress by looking at other people. So just smile, nod, and keep it moving, because everyone is there for the same reason and that is to get in shape.

3.    Don’t make assumptions– If you have a question while at the gym then ask it. Don’t assume that you know the routine or how to use the equipment properly because then you risk injuring yourself. Once you ask you’ll know how to execute it properly going forward. Trust me, there are no stupid questions here.

4.    Always do your best– when striving towards a healthy lifestyle do the best that you can.  Yes, there are times that you will not want to be in the gym, on the track, or doing whatever activity that you’re involved in. Look at it this way, you’re already there, right? So give it your all so that you will feel better about yourself afterwards without self-judgment, self-abuse or regret.

So there you have it….my take on the four agreements as it applies to your health and wellness. I hope that you, too, can take what I have written and find it beneficial in applying it to your own health regime.

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