I’ve jumped on many diet bandwagons, fell off, got back on and kept riding. I have been a human guinea pig for so many fad diets that I realize that I never focused on the process only the end results therefore I missed the education and pleasure of the journey.

The very first diet I tried was Weight Watchers. I had great results the first time, the other 2 times, not so much. I then graduated to the Eat to Live Diet, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, followed by the 4 Day Diet and Shred Diet, both by Dr. Ian Smith.  Those diets served their purpose, some better than others, but now I’m ready to take a leap of faith and I’m hoping this will be the last diet that I’ll ever have to try. I ‘m looking for a lifestyle change, a viable way of living, because I…

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True Confessions….


My name is Venus Styles and I am a grocery store addict. I don’t recall when it all started, but if I had to guess I would say about 3 years ago. Yes, that sounds about right. It happened when I fell in love with Doctor Oz , Dr. Ian Smith, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Joel Fuhrman (all experts on eating/living well) and decided that eating healthy was not only trendy but it was key to overall good health. I’ve spent countless hours watching recorded episodes of the Dr. Oz show with pad and pen in hand like an eager college student.   Now here’s the thing, I hate to cook but after watching these shows I became an obsessed grocery shopper! Grocery shopping became my muse, my passion and my all-time favorite thing to do.  On any given day you may catch me wondering up and down a grocery…

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What’s your workout style?

I don’t know about you but my “go to” is cardio. I literally have to make myself hit the weights even though I know how important resistance training is. There is always a sense of dread for me with weight training. I guess it requires more thought and effort. Begrudgingly I make the effort because I know it’s the one thing that allows you to re-shape your body, so I hit the weights at least 2-3 times per week.

Other times I find it refreshing to mix up different home workout programs. One day I might do a P90X workout, another day, Taebo. Mixing up the workout relieves the boredom that sets in when you’re doing the same workout day in and day out.  I have quite an extensive library of workout DVD’s and love to crank the music and imagine myself on TV. Generally my imagination goes into overdrive and gets me through the workout.  When I’m in the comfort of my living room you can’t tell me anything. I’m the star of that show!  Yessir!

I lean towards cardio the most because I don’t have to overthink it. All I have to do is put on my head phones, crank the music and zone out.  Cardio is good for the heart muscle and it helps increase stamina. Yet, it too, can become boring so I don’t stay on any one machine too long. If I know I’m going to do an hour of cardio, oftentimes it’s on 4 different cardio machines. I will go from treadmill to elliptical to stationary bike to steps. Sometimes I’ll hit Jacob’s ladder but believe me right now I cannot focus past 5 minutes on that machine. Much needed work in that area.

All in all I would say my workout regime is pretty flexible. When the weather is warm I love to walk outside on a track or neighborhood. It’s best for me to have a walking buddy because then I can walk for hours losing track of time with chatter all while burning many calories.

So what’s your workout style? How often do you change it up? Are you intimidated by resistance training? Please share your workout schedule.