I’ve jumped on many diet bandwagons, fell off, got back on and kept riding. I have been a human guinea pig for so many fad diets that I realize that I never focused on the process only the end results therefore I missed the education and pleasure of the journey.

The very first diet I tried was Weight Watchers. I had great results the first time, the other 2 times, not so much. I then graduated to the Eat to Live Diet, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, followed by the 4 Day Diet and Shred Diet, both by Dr. Ian Smith.  Those diets served their purpose, some better than others, but now I’m ready to take a leap of faith and I’m hoping this will be the last diet that I’ll ever have to try. I ‘m looking for a lifestyle change, a viable way of living, because I…

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  1. I will start the diet with you on monday. I will make sure I have completed the book by Sunday. I will stock up for what I need during the week and we can compare notes along the way. Looking forward to this journey. I pray that it works!

    • The hardest part for me will be the two days with heavy protein. Not sure how I’m gonna survive that part!

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