Is working out with your man a good idea or nah?


Five weeks ago my husband, Andre, and I started doing P90X together. I had done it alone several years ago and it took me about that long to sell him on the idea of joining me. I love P90X but always thought the workouts were too long, especially the Yoga X, 90 minutes in length, but will have you sweating bullets when it’s all over and done. In recent months I’ve gotten spoiled by short, intense, workouts like T-25. With those workouts you’re killing it non-stop for 25 minutes. I opted to go back to P90X because sometimes you have to start back at the beginning and P90X is the mother of all mothers! It’s all about building muscle and not focused as much on cardio as all the other programs are. It’s intense but it allows you to go at your own pace and improve because you have the…

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